Do you ship Internationally? 

Yes! I ship worldwide! Any customs fees (or associated fees) are the responsibility of the buyer!

UK Customers - please visit my Etsy Store as I cannot accept UK orders here due to VAT regulations. Etsy will charge VAT upon checkout. 

EU Customers - I am happy to take EU orders on my main store, however please note the following:

EU CUSTOMERS BUYING FROM MAIN STORE: I will NOT be charging VAT. So you WILL be charged VAT (and potentially processing fees) once your parcel arrives in your country (please refer to your country's customs office for information on taxes). 

EU CUSTOMERS BUYING FROM ETSY: If you purchase from Etsy, taxes will be charged when checking out and you will avoid additional processing fees (so it may end up being cheaper for you, but you will have to decide which is the best option on your own).


The pin I want is out of stock! 

All of my pins are limited. Sometimes, if they sell out and there is enough interest, I will consider getting them remade but for the most part, this will not happen. Lots of sold out pins still have “Seconds” available though so keep an eye out for limited time seconds sales!

I can’t use discount codes with my selected payment method!

Discount codes can only be used with regular checkout and PayPal. If you use Apple Pay, you won’t be able to use discount codes - they are not supported by Apple at this time.

What is Afterpay and can I use it?

Afterpay allows you to purchase products from Parfait Pins without paying the full amount upfront. Your order will be split into 4 payments - you'll pay a deposit upfront and pay for the rest over 6 weeks (one payment per fortnight).

Your parcel will be shipped out to you at the time of ordering! 

There are no fees or interest charged when using Afterpay. You will be charged a fee, however, if you miss a scheduled payment.

You may also pay off your balance prior to the scheduled timing if you login directly to your Afterpay account.

Afterpay is currently available for Parfait Pins buyers in Australia, USA, NZ and Canada on orders over $50 AUD.

Please head over to the official Afterpay Webpage if you are interested in signing up! There you can also view Afterpay's Terms and Conditions. 

What are your terms regarding holds? 

PRIZE WINNERS: Your physical prizes will be held for 3 months since the day you were informed you won. If you do not claim within this time, then they will be made available to the public again.

SPECIAL CASE HOLDS: These will be held for one month only. If you do not claim within this time, then they will be made available to the public again.

I want to be a Parfait Pin rep! 

I do not give away products for exposure on social media pages.

Can you give me the details of your manufacturer/s? 

I do not share my manufacturer information or give advice on how to make pins. There are plenty of resources online to help you. Please respect this, as I did a LOT of research prior to starting.

How do you price your pins? 

A few factors impact pin pricing - mainly the size of the pin, the amount of colours used and if there are any special effects.

How do you grade your pins? 

My pins are intended for general use, and are not priced/marketed as "Collector Grade" products. I use the following grading system:

Standard Grade - these may have small specks or imperfections on them. These will be the best of my batch. 

All pins are handmade items and will never be “flawless”

Minor Flaw - have some small specks or imperfections on them, more-so than Standards. Generally are hard to notice at an arm's length but are more noticeable up close.

Pins with flaws that are more visible will be marked as “B” or “C” grade. Flaws may include and are not limited to: pin pricks, smudges, excess spots, screen print errors, dirt, bubbling, missing enamel, loose posts. 

B Grade - will have more noticeable flaws than "minor flaw" grade. Flaws are noticeable at arm's length.

C Grade - will have more major / noticeable flaws. Flaws are noticeable at arm's length.

B and C Grade pins will only be available to purchase at a discounted price via a “Seconds Sale” which is usually held in May and in November. I also have B and C Grade Mystery Bags which are available from time to time at a discounted rate.



Unfortunately, sometimes technology fails us and items may oversell, especially at peak time during a shop drop. If this occurs, please accept my sincerest apologies as it is out of my hands (it is a general Shopify issue that all Shopify stores have - their admin are "working on fixing the issue"). This unfortunately seems to occur as some customers are using check out options via 3rd party providers (example: AfterPay or PayPal), so the system doesn't recognise the sale immediately. In these instances: I will offer a flawed second of the product you were trying to purchase where possible and will refund you the difference. If this cannot be offered due to me not having stock or if you do not want this option, then I will issue a full refund for the product and will offer a freebie seconds grade pin of your choice on your current / next order. Apologies again for the inconvenience if this does occur - as I understand this can be very disappointing and frustrating. 

What is your store’s currency? 

The default currency of my store is in Australian Dollars (AUD). You can select different currencies to display when browsing the store though. Please keep in mind that currency conversions are estimates only and change regularly. They also do not include any charges your bank or card provider may charge you for overseas transactions. 

Do you accept returns? 

All sales are final. If for some reason there is an issue with your order, e.g. the pin was damaged in transit, then we can sort things out on a case by case basis. 

Where is my order? 

Being located in Australia, sometimes international shipping can take some time. Please refer to my “Shipping Info" page for more information on Domestic and International shipping options.

Please note, there are always extended delays around the holidays and since COVID-19 there have been extended delays worldwide in general due to limited flights and higher demand on the postal system.

How do I contact you? 

You’re welcome to DM on Instagram or to email me at parfait.pins@gmail.com

Why “Parfait” Pins? 

This is in reference to NozoEli - my favourite school idol ship and the best girls of my BFF and I (Bonus: and my favourite food!)